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Rumble is the newest island that has been added to Animation Throwdown. It's a guild based event in which guilds are pitted against other guilds in an Arena style fight. Although this time it's not just about winning. You get a score based on how much damage you take!

If you don't take any damage you are award 100 points towards your guild contribution with a maximum potentially of 1,000 points per round.

Your points will be added to your total guild members points. The guild with the highest points wins the round and is moved forward in rankings.

Helpful hints would be to use heroes like Tina, Zapp, Consuela who can all heal your cards. If you're really sneaky it's a great idea for when you're not fighting in Rumble to leave out Brian which deals payback, Stewie who punches or Dale who punches and deals payback!!!

Rumbles are a great little event but you need to make sure you're with an active guild.

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