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 +<​html><​div style="​float:​ right;"></​html>​ ~~socialite~~ <sql> <​0>​MainHead</​0>​ <​sqlstart>​ SELECT C.Name ,​concat(C.Name,'​ ',​CLC.DisplayLevel) AS '​Picture'​
 +,case when CS.Name is null then '​None'​ else CS.Name end as '​Name'​
 +,case when C.Trait =''​ then '​None'​ else C.Trait end as '​Trait'​
 +FROM Cards C
 +left join CardLevels CL on CL.CardID = C.ID left join CardLevelConvert CLC on CL.level = CLC.Level and CLC.Rarity = C.Rarity left join CardsShow CS on CS.ID = C.Type left join CardRarity CR on CR.ID = C.Rarity where C.Name = '​THISCARD'​
 +and Commander <> 1
 +order by CL.Level DESC
 +limit 1
 +====== Personalized Beer Mug ======
 +<​sql><​0>​Description</​0><​sqlstart>​Select D.Description from CardDescs D left join Cards C on C.ID = D.CardID where C.Name = '​THISCARD'​ and C.Commander <> 1</​sqlstart></​sql>​
 +<​html><​div style="​float:​ none;"></​html>​
 +SELECT CLC.DisplayLevel AS '​Level'​
 +, (Select Max(CLA.Attack) from CardLevels CLA where CLA.CardID = CL.CardID and CLA.Level <= CL.Level) AS '​Attack'​
 +, (Select Max(CLA.Health) from CardLevels CLA where CLA.CardID = CL.CardID and CLA.Level <= CL.Level) AS '​Health'​
 +FROM CardLevels CL
 +inner join Cards C on C.ID = CL.CardID
 +inner join CardLevelConvert CLC on CLC.Level = CL.Level
 +where C.Name = '​THISCARD'​ and C.Commander <> 1 group by C.Name, CL.Level Order by C.Name, CL.Level </​sqlstart></​sql>​ <​html></​div></​html>​
 +** Combos **
 +select c1.Name as 'Combo Card'
 +, case when c3.Name = '​THISCARD'​ then c2.Name else c3.Name end as '​Combos With'
 +from Combos C
 +left join Cards c1 on c1.ID = C.EndCard
 +left join Cards c2 on c2.ID = C.Card1
 +left join Cards c3 on c3.ID = C.Card2
 +where c2.Name = '​THISCARD'​ or c3.Name = '​THISCARD'​ and c2.Name is not null order by c1.Name, c3.Name
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