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American Dad

Character Cards are the people from all of the shows included in this game. Below we have broken it down by their shows. These can be used to make combos with Item Cards.

Start Position Info End Position
Roger has some great starts from start to finish. Often some of his combo cards don't have the greatest utility. However Roger in Disguise and Ruby Zeldastein are extremely strong!
With Stan's punch and ability to boost damage for other combos he's a great starter card to stand against the defence card to build him up. He has a lot of destructive power when turned into Drunk Stan and Crack Addict Stan
What does Francine have going on? Health and more Health. None of her combos really have high damage but they do have a huge amount of utility to stay alive, handy with Nun Francine throwing heals.
One of the decent Rare cards to have hold of whilst starting out. Her main stats aren't great but has helpful combos with Space Queen and Lounge Singer Hayley
Not one of the best rare cards out there. Bondage Klaus is the only combo to really offer any decent damage.
For a Common card Steve is stronger than some Rares, just due to his combos. A well placed Masked Hero with high health, strudy and throwing out punches can really help.
Bullock is a beast of a common card. His combos are insane Drunk Bullock and Ripped Bullock have a lot of strength to throw off most enemies.
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