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Bobs Burgers

Character Cards are the people from all of the shows included in this game. Below we have broken it down by their shows. These can be used to make combos with Item Cards.

Start Position Info End Position
Tinas pre-combo'd card is very strong. Starting with some high leech for survivability. She has some strong combos with Ballgirl providing high motivate and Tree with strong health and survival. Good against a Crazed card racking up strength.
Louise just keeps getting stronger when you leave her on the field. With good leech to stay alive and Crazed/Punch to know down enemies. Dodgeball Louise is one of the best, to continue growing that crazed or Butt Closet to Motivate yours and Cripple all their team.
Bob is an excellent card to throw out early with his ability to heal others with a high heal and rack up some crazed damage. Bobs combos are insane with Bob in the wall and Burger Wars
Teddy has some helpful combos with Hammer Olympian and Brewmaster Teddy
Gene isn't the strongest Rare card out there, but he does bring high health/armor when combo'd into Burger Mascot and Beefsquatch which also offers strong crazed.
Mort doesn't have an awful lot of combos and they aren't great. The best would be Samantha or Sherlock Mort
Linda is a stronger starter common card. With PTA Rivalry and it's high punch to Road Rage offering strudy, Payback and Crazed.
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