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 <​html></​div></​html>​ <​html></​div></​html>​
-====== ​Air Guitar Stan ====== +====== ​Hank Hell's Haunted House ====== 
-Description ​to be added.+<​sql><​0>​Description</​0><​sqlstart>​Select D.Description from CardDescs D left join Cards C on C.ID = D.CardID where C.Name = '​THISCARD'​ and C.Commander <> 1</​sqlstart></​sql>​
 <​html><​div style="​float:​ none;"></​html>​ <​html><​div style="​float:​ none;"></​html>​
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 inner join Cards C on C.ID = CL.CardID inner join Cards C on C.ID = CL.CardID
 inner join CardLevelConvert CLC on CLC.Level = CL.Level inner join CardLevelConvert CLC on CLC.Level = CL.Level
-where C.Name = '​THISCARD'​ and C.Commander <> 1 group by C.Name, CL.Level Order by C.Name, CL.Level </​sqlstart></​sql>​ <​html></​div></​html>​ 
-** Combos ** 
-select c1.Name as 'Combo Card' 
-, case when c3.Name = '​THISCARD'​ then c2.Name else c3.Name end as '​Combos With' 
-from Combos C 
-left join Cards c1 on c1.ID = C.EndCard 
-left join Cards c2 on c2.ID = C.Card1 
-left join Cards c3 on c3.ID = C.Card2 
-where c2.Name = '​THISCARD'​ or c3.Name = '​THISCARD'​ and c2.Name is not null order by c1.Name, c3.Name 
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